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Our university president kicked off the new year with ten suggestions for our faculty.  Following is a paraphrase of his list that I scribbled on my opening program:

  1. put students first
  2. no mediocrity – excellence should always be our goal
  3. cooperation, collaboration and sharing are a hallmark of our university
  4. rigor and challenge make us all better people
  5. an attractive campus is conducive to good work and is everyone’s responsibility
  6. be innovative and nimble – these characteristics require trust
  7. get something done every day
  8. paint with the colors you have
  9. never self-proclaim greatness – humility is an important attribute
  10. “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” (Goethe)

This appears to be a good list.  Great thoughts for the beginning of the school year.


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