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Teresa Sullivan, President of the University of Virginia, has had a tumultuous past few weeks.  First, she was asked to resign from her presidency by the Board of Visitors and then, more recently, was reinstated by an apologetic board.   During this time there were many articles published concerning the debacle.  To me, the most interesting article was one written by Daniel de Vise, Jenna Johnson and Donna St. George in the Washington Post on June 25, 2012. (“Teresa Sullivan: The ousted U-Va. leader who may regain the post“)   It is an insightful profile of a thoughtful and dynamic leader – Teresa Sullivan.

I particularly liked a description of the “rules” used by Dr. Sullivan to conduct business at the University of Virginia. Following is a list of “Sullivan’s Rules”:

  1. Never surprise an administrator.
  2. Never punish the messenger.
  3. Don’t hide bad news; meet it head-on.
  4. People and time are our greatest resources; don’t waste them.
  5. When dealing with a difficult matter, don’t leave anyone out, or else be prepared for fallout.

What do you think of these rules?  Effective or delusional?


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