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externalrelationsRecently our college hired an associate dean for external relations.    I recently ran across the interview questions that we used with the candidates.  Here we go:

  1. What has generated your interest in the Associate Dean for External Relations in the college?
  2. Key dimensions of the Associate Dean for External Relations position include: nurturing experiential learning for students; attending to details with multiple on-going tasks; and cultivating relationships with internal and external stakeholders.   Give examples of your leadership experience in each area and indicate how you would prioritize these areas.
  3. Our strategic plan indicates that we need to do a better job at preparing students for internships and employment.  What are your thoughts and ideas of how the college can meet such goals?   Where do you see the college 3-5 years from now?
  4. To successfully organize the undergraduate commencement exercises will require somebody with a specific set of skills, particularly attention to details.   Given an example of an event that you have successfully organized?
  5. Describe your experience with creating and organizing student initiatives and events that engage students.
  6. Describe your leadership style.  What have been your most significant leadership successes and challenges?   Tell us how you resolve conflict and handle stress.
  7. The successful candidate for this position must be able to motivate faculty engagement in experiential learning activities.   How might you accomplish this task?

Our top candidates for the position answered the questions well.   The ultimate selection was based on the dean’s perceptions of fit within the college’s leadership team.

– from the pen of Dr. Percy Trappe


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