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funny face for Captain Jack Sparrow

The drama must be set for the children.   They are about to hear a very, very scary story.    Dim the lights low.     The story teller must be quite serious.

“It was a dark and stormy night.”  [The storyteller begins the story in a quiet, somber tone with much seriousness and gravity.]

“The sea rose up with all its might.”  [The storyteller’s tone raises a bit.   Hands and arms are used to indicate violent wave action.]

“On the deck the crew lay dead”.  [The storyteller conveys grave somberness and trepidation, and uses a shaking head to indicate sadness. Simultaneously, the storyteller turns his/her back to the children listening.]

“And the captain turned to me and said:” [The storyteller turns ominously back to the audience…]

HELLO“.  [The storyteller makes a funny, smiley face, says the word ‘hello’ in a squeaky, silly voice while simultaneously using one of his/her hands as the captain’s beard.   The intent is to make the children laugh.  Ha ha.]

This skit is in honor of great aunts everywhere who show love and affection to the children in their extended family.

from the pen of Dr. Percy Trappe




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